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We love to see kids and make sure that their first (and consecutive) impressions of the dentist are good ones.


Veneers can get your full and happy smile back.


There are instances where full sedation is so much better for the patient, especially a young one. Much more work can be done in one session, and no discomfort is experienced.


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The following designs and colors are available for you to select from for your childs appliance (click on image to enlarge - picture will open in new window/tab - you can click again [firefox] to show full size):

You may download a higher quality version of these charts. (This is a bigger file, so please be patient.)


Video Gallery


Children's dentistry 1: A child playing while waiting for his mother who is having dental treatment by Dr. Joseph Sarkissian


A presentation on the hazards of metals in dentistry by Dr. Joseph Sarkissian, Health Freedom Expo, Long beach, California, 2013


A presentation on zirconia metal-free implants by Dr. Joseph Sarkissian, Health Freedom Expo, Long Beach, California, 2013


A presentation on homeopathy and metal toxicity as they apply to dentistry, by Dr. Joseph Sarkissian, Health Freedom Expo, Long Beach, California, in 2012


10-year old child, part 1: Explaining laser dentistry to a child. Before using the Waterlase iPlus dental laser to "drill" a tooth cavity, Dr Joseph Sarkissian goes through a fun introductory routine to create familiarity and confidence


10-year-old child, part 2: The laser tooth filling procedure using the waterlase iPlus by Dr Joseph Sarkissian


Waterlase dentistry with laser gum contouring for a "Maryland"-style conservative bridge/veneer (Encore) on a teenage girl, by Dr Joseph Sarkissian


This is a series of short demonstrations showing a Waterlase dental laser in action as used in child-dentistry. This can give parents an idea of how this futuristic technology is used on actual teeth for the purpose of replacing the drill.


A child undergoing laser dentistry in the comfort of mom's lap by Dr Joseph Sarkissian


Part 1. A 5-year-old young girl in the dental chair receives her first initiation into laser dentistry (waterlase) by Dr. Joseph Sarkissian


Part 2: A video of the same 5-year-old girl going through the laser (waterlase) cavity cleaning procedure by Dr. Joseph Sarkissian


Part 3. A video of the same 5-year-old girl going through the whole bonding procedure by Dr. Joseph Sarkissian and her trip to the treasure chest


Amalgam series 1: Amalgam removal protocol, with an explanation by Dr Joseph Sarkissian on the preventative measures taken to avoid mercury exposure to the patient, doctor and staff


Amalgam series 3: Further information and example of the strict procedures followed during the removal of amalgam fillings


Introduction to Laser Dentistry


Talking of a bite registration and impression in preparation for a jaw orthopedic applicance. Laramy has his two younger siblings with him so they can learn how all this works.


Celeste gets her new orthopedic jaw appliance. Dr. Sarkissian instructs her how to place the appliance and how to take care of it. This video could be used as a tutorial for children who are due to receive an appliance, on what to expect, before the actual appointment.


The tight ligament that attaches the upper lip to the gums is called the labial frenum and should be attached at least 4 mm above the gum crest of the front teeth and should not limit the lip movements. The laser allows to correct a frenum that is attached too low.


How to handle an extra tooth - Dr. Sarkissian demonstrates in this case study how to handle an extra tooth of a young girl. Before extracting this supernumerary first the arch is developed to a width that will offer enough space for all teeth.


Laser Fissure Composite With Waterlase - Demonstrates the use of the Waterlase to clean out cavities in tooth fissures. Dr. Sarkissian advocates minimally invasive techniques and encourages early treatment of cavities before they grow and weaken the tooth structure. The Waterlase and iplus by biolase are perfect instruments of modern dental technology that have transformed the profession of dentistry and launched it into the future.


Laser Labial Frenectomy - Dr. Sarkissian performs the amazing procedure of laser frenectomy, and explains the importance of getting this procedure done.


Sedation on a Child for Dental Treatment - Showcase of the sedation experience of a young child to have major dental work done in our dental office. Dr. Salman Hussain is the child anesthesiologist providing his services.