Mercury-free Dentistry

We do not place silver amalgam fillings and we do respect the overwhelming scientific evidence accumulated over the last two decades, pointing to many alarming facts concerning the unsuitability of amalgams for use in humans.

In many European countries, its use has been almost abolished, and moreover, banned for placement in pregnant women and children. In the US, there has been heightened consumer awareness and many patients are demanding full informed consent before having anything placed in their mouths. To find out more about mercury in amalgams, visit the IAOMT web site.

If we need to replace failing amalgam fillings, we first make sure that certain supplements are taken under the guidance of the patient’s naturopathic practitioner, to boost excretion processes. We then follow strict protocols set aside by the IAOMT, the most important measures including:

  • Placement of rubber dam, or in some cases, use of the IAOMT-approved "cleanup suction".
  • High-volume air evacuation with mercury filters
  • Using an electrical drill with less RPM, and following a sectioning method of amalgam removal to minimize mercury vaporization.
  • Placement of moist napkins over the patient’s nose and eyes, and sometimes oxygen.

An extreme case demonstrating the possible effect of silver-mercury amalgam fillings is told by the mother of this 15-year old teenager in Dangerous Dental Amalgam Fillings.

Please also view Dr. Sarkissian's article "Recommendations prior to Amalgam Removal."

Watch this video presenting more research into the unsuitability of amalgam fillings...

In the field of non-biological dentistry in the US an amalgam or mercury filling is still often considered inert. The following video clearly shows that an amalgam filling out-gasses noticeable amounts of mercury when only slightly stimulated...


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