Cynthia B. from Alta Loma

When I was 15 years old, I got my braces off. After taking the braces off, I had seven cavities. They were all filled with silver amalgams. About a month later, I got acne for the first time. I also started grinding my teeth at night. I didn’t know there could be an association between the fillings and my new problems.

Twelve years later (at 27 yrs old), I started researching the health effects of the mercury in my silver amalgams. The research is pretty much unanimous (except “expert opinions” from the A.D.A.) I was experiencing common symptoms such as anxiety, asthma, teeth grinding, etc. So I made an appointment to start getting my fillings switched out. I made sure to find a dentist who knew the health risks of inserting mercury in my body. At my first appointment, Dr. Sarkissian told me, “I am not putting any materials into your mouth until we find out what is ok for your body.” This was very encouraging.

Four months later, all my fillings had been switched to Cynthia-safe ceramic. I noticed instant benefits. I noticed that when each side of my mouth was cleared of mercury, that side would stop clenching at night. My twelve year old acne (that no dermatologist could not get rid of) immediately and completely cleared up. I haven’t had an asthma or anxiety attack and I feel all-around more relaxed.

I was amazed by the instant health benefits and I am really excited for the long-term health benefits.

Cynthia B.
Alta Loma, California