Marie L. from San Marino

I have always had a fear of going to the dentist. I know over the years being hurt from various dentists when having cavities filled. I’ve even had a dentist tell me I had 9 cavities and not feeling comfortable with that information, I went to another dentist to find out that actually, I had none. This after allowing the crooked dentist to drill 3 of my teeth and use amalgam to fill them!

How lucky and fortunate to have found Dr. Sarkissian, finally a wonderful, skilled, gentle, meticulous professional. I just discovered I have mercury poisoning, I’ve been so nervous to have the old amalgam fillings replaced. Dr. Sarkissian and his wonderful staff immediately put my fears to rest, it was such a soothing and relaxed experience. I’ve never had a cavity filled where I didn’t even feel the shot of Novocain sting. Afterwards I didn’t have the numbness in my face as I always did before and no pain in my jaw or teeth! I highly recommend Dr. Sarkissian to everyone; he’s knowledgeable and caring and uses natural medicines and remedies in his practice. Also Dr. Sarkissian has also done a wonderful job straightening my son’s teeth naturally, without using braces! I can hardly believe it, finally, I love going to the dentist and my son does too.

San Marino, California