Seta Haig

About 2 years ago my daughter Annie (then 7 years old) snored during the nights and could not breathe comfortably. Her pediatrician claimed that she had allergies and gave her a spray to use regularly. Things did not improve much until our first visit with Dr Sarkissian. After a thorough exam, Dr Sarkissian decided that Annie needed a retainer (orthopedic appliance) to adjust her jaw. He was also concerned that Annie’s breathing difficulties most likely contributed to her jaw problem, and it might also make it difficult for her to wear the appliance, so he recommended that Annie be seen by an ENT specialist.

As Dr Sarkissian had suspected, Annie needed to have her adenoids and tonsils removed right away. After the surgery Annie’s breathing improved 100% and the only regret we had was that she had not had this surgery sooner. After Annie recovered from the surgery, Dr Sarkissian started Annie’s orthodontic treatment and it has been smooth sailing ever since…

Seta Haig,
February 2008