Laura Morton

I came to Dr. Sarkissian to have an old mercury filling removed that was breaking down causing mercury toxicity. Other than that my teeth were in good condition.

He skillfully removed the problem filling and replaced it with a composite one. I was very relieved. I am not an easy patient. Petrified since a child of going to the dentist, each visit over the years has been one of great anxiety. What impressed me from the first visit was the state of the art machinery. The oral cameras that show ME the problems or condition of my teeth were awesome. I had never seen the inside of my mouth like that.

And the way they use those images to monitor the teeth and compare from visit to visit. Since then I have returned regularly for checkups and cleanings (which also freak me out) to Dr. Sarkissians office and I can actually say that I almost look forward to the visits.

No joking.

The concept of preventative dentistry is soothing and makes a lot of sense to me. As I get older and braver I realize that taking a preventative approach and dealing quickly with small decay or problem areas is an investment against a more complex and costly (and more time in the chair) dental appointments.

I appreciate that I have a dedicated and concerned dentist.

(Laura is a landscaping artist and you shoukd check out the most beautiful gardens she creates!)