Louretta W., Santa Monica

I've been a patient with Dr Sarkassian for many years. I was referred by another medical practitioner that guaranteed "this doctor is holistic". And so he is...Dr Sarkassian is detailed- oriented with every aspect of his work, and has the gift of artistry so you know your teeth will look great.

After major dental work I feared he'd insist I use an antibiotic, To my delight he recommend a product filled with herbs and tinctures known for their anti-biotic-like properties. He has surrounded himself with assistants who are knowledgeable (and continue to gain knowledge from working with the doctor); friendly, caring and truly enjoyable.

His hygentist is talented, highly skilled, devoted to her work, and absolutely gorgeous.

So much more can be said, but I think one has to have the experience and then you'll know it all.