E.O. Writes in from Wisconsin

I just wanted to write to you after I had watched some of your videos on your YouTube channel cause I'm a mother of a 5yr old girl named E. who has horrible tooth decay and she's about to have dental surgery on the 8th of Sept to have caps put on most of her teeth and I wish we had a Dr as talented and caring as you and your team but the options are limited since we live in Wisconsin and the only Dental work that's been offered is this so I wish there was more Drs like you around to take advantage of for my daughter and for other families that are stuck with the minimum care for their kids. I just really want to say thank you for all you do for your patients and their families, you can really tell that you are amazing even though you aren't my kids dentist I truly believe that every person who you help is very lucky and blessed to have you help them!! I really wish we lived close enough to your practice to be able to have you work with my children, please keep up the videos and all the great work you do, thank you to you and your staff you are all Amazing and truly making a big difference in this world!!