Dr. Joseph Sarkissian DDS

What is biological / natural / holistic dentistry?

In practicing biological dentistry, we follow the ancient principle of


This implies that, in our office, the patient comes first, and is evaluated as a whole person rather than a set of teeth.

A blend of laser, cosmetic, homeopathic and family dentistry is applied following biological, or holistic principles. This, combined with highly individualized treatment plans, results in the best possible care for patients of all ages.

We are a mercury-free office, our facility is spacious, equipped with the latest technology (including digital X-rays and the dental Laser – WATERLASE by BIOLASE) and designed meticulously to impart a sense of serenity and comfort to those seeking our services.

We particularly love seeing children
(and they love to see us – which might be more important for you as a parent).

illustrated dental precedures
Illustrated Dental Procedures

Fast and Painless Dentistry

Using the Waterlase iPlus in DentistryExperience our dental high-tech treatment option, the

Enables Painless Biological Dentistry

  • Painless – no shot necessary
  • No micro-fractures or thermal damage
  • NO cross contamination as with drill
  • More precise, minimally invasive
Same Day Cerec Tooth Milling

Same-Day Dentistry has Arrived

Crowns, Inlays, Onlays
in Only One Office Visit

  • No impressions
  • No temporaries
  • No follow-up visit

See the article on our Blog.

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