About Us

Dr. Joseph Sarkissian studied microbiology at the University of Alabama. He then attended the dental school of the University of Goettingen in the former West Germany, where he graduated in 1989.

Over the next eight years he practiced dentistry on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. During that time he trained in homeopathy, completely abandoned the use of amalgam (mercury) fillings, and expanded his knowledge in the biological aspects of therapy.

In 1998, he moved to Los Angeles and received his license to practice in California. He currently owns a state-of-the-art biological dental practice in Glendale, California.

Dr. Joseph Sarkissian DDS

Dr. Sarkissian is a member of

  • the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology),
  • the WCLI (World Clinical Laser Institute),
  • the NCH (National Center for Homeopathy),
  • the IABDM (International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine),
  • the IAO (International Association of Orthodontists),
  • the AIID (American Institute of Implant Dentistry),
  • and IAOCI (International Academy of Ceramic Implantology).

Dr. Naji Hamoui is a 2015 graduate of the Western University of Health Sciences Dental school. He has made the Dean’s list for academic excellence multiple times. He has a DMD degree along with hundreds of hours of volunteer work with low-income children, veterans and disabled patients. He is a member of the ADA and the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT), and has certification for invisalign and clearcorrect. He has a very friendly demeanor and is especially wonderful in treating children and teens. They all like him. Dr. Hamoui is a person with integrity and genuinely embraces the philosophy of the practice. He is there not only to learn and to advance his knowledge, but also to participate in the rapid introduction of state-of-the-art technological advances, launching us into the 21st century. Thanks to him, we have picked an unstoppable momentum in implementing our latest CAD-CAM technology, the “SAME-DAY DENTISTRY” leader in the industry, CEREC by SIRONA.

Jamie Ross

Jamie is our latest front office team member. She comes with a wealth of past knowledge on practice management, particularly suited for the type of practice we represent. She exhibits an impressive dynamic and friendly personality, and unlimited energy. She currently runs the front desk, coordinates new patients, and deals with almost every other matter, including fostering a positive team environment. She stands out with her consistently high spirits. Patient satisfaction and a smooth and streamlined running of the practice is her ultimate goal. She is a perfectionist and will not rest until every single issue is dealt with.

Karmen Marksian RDA

Karmen has been working with Dr. Sarkissian for over 18 years. She is the lead back office assistant and is a very reliable and devoted employee. Many patients attest to her tireless work and unrelenting energy. She is responsible for a plethora of duties, including back office organization, ordering supplies, repairs, and basically being available wherever the need arises. Over the years she has assisted with the treatment of thousands of patients who always enjoy a sense of familiarity, and feel welcome when they come in and see her.

Jessica Rodriguez

Jessica has been a part of Dr. Sarkissian’s office for a few years. She was hired right out of dental assisting college and it is not an understatement to say that she has excelled and come a long way as a valuable asset in the back office. She promptly acquired the skills and experience not only to become an excellent assistant, but also as a valuable asset in the front reception department.

Ron Jamil RDA

Ron has been with us for almost two years. He is a great addition to our team and comes equipped with technical knowledge and experience on the latest CEREC machinery, as well as zirconia implants. He has a cheerful and friendly personality and as many of our patients attest, he promptly establishes a warm rapport with everyone, and instils confidence.

Nellie Manoukian

Nellie is a part time employee who is also a pre-dental university student. We took her on board right after she graduated high school. She stands out with her warm and pleasant personality. In no time she proved herself as being smart, media savvy, and a problem solver. She is always willing to launch herself into any arena, circumstance or department, whether it be front desk, back office, or chairside assisting. She also contributes in social media, video editing and public relations.

Katrina RDH

Katrina is our registered dental hygienist who has been working with us for many years. Children love her for her gentle demeanor. She is very motivated in her job and is always making sure that her patients are comfortable and well informed. Our hygiene programs follow biological guidelines and both Katrina and Liz are well versed in providing customized treatment proposals for any gum issues we face every day.

Liz Hermosillo RDHEF

Liz is our extended function dental hygienist who has been working with us for many years. Patients love her for her thorough, authoritative approach and care. Her long years of experience allow her to confidently educate patients on challenging issues surrounding their oral hygiene, issues with gums and periodontal disease. She is experienced in using lasers within the scope of biological gum therapy and decontamination, and the ‘Perio Protect’ system.