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Let us hear from you – things we did well but also things we could improve. Obviously we like to hear from you if we did well, but it is as important for us to learn how we could do better.  Other patients want to know your thoughts, and find out what your experience with us was, so we will share your feedback here. 

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Testimonials from you

Superb skill and an artist - Bruce S.

Who likes going to the dentist – but Dr Sarkissian makes it as pleasurable as it can be. Technical skill superb and an artist. Truly holistic bio approach. I am only a client not paid.

M. B. - There Are No Other Places Like This

Hi Jamie,

I just wanted to thank you again for your help with everything! You have been wonderful.

Also, if you don’t mind, please thank Dr. Sarkissian for all of his help and kindness. He makes S. so much more comfortable with all of the procedures. We really appreciate your practice, there is no other place like it.


P.S. S. loves her finger! It’s displayed proudly among her other ‘curiosities’.

Derek B. - Zero Discomfort

Dr. Sarkissian and Staff:

It was an honor to receive your care recently. You are such a capable and caring group of people! I couldn’t have felt more highly valued. I experienced zero discomfort in your office. Just a day after my appointment I had a sense of relief at the site of the extraction, as it was painful before due to the infection. Today the low dull throb is almost gone. At no point did I need pain medication! I am amazed at the range of skills Dr. Sarkissian possesses. His gum work to access deep tooth decay is top notch. He did a great job making my removable “Essix” dental appliance to protect the extraction site. Several times staff re-heated the natural buckwheat pillow for my neck. The bone graft and Resorbable Membrane (using an extract of my own blood!) were secured in place by expertly stitching together the flaps of gum. My last two dentists never offered this service, leaving a gaping hole in my gums where food would be trapped in for months. I am happy that you used the ozonated water for disinfecting the exposed areas. The CEREC onlay was made quickly onsite, and supported my desire to have a mouth that is entirely metal free. Due to my concerns regarding potential pain, I am happy that Dr. Sarkissian used a special procedure for delivering additional anesthetic into the interior of the tooth prior to extraction. The nitrous oxide we used during the treatment was helpful. Thank you for suggesting it. I enjoyed the relaxing music. It gave me additional confidence to see in use your set of IQAir purifiers that capture particles down to .003 microns throughout dental office. Thank you very much, Dr. Sarkissian for taking the time to hear my concerns at the start. You are patient and you listen well. Your dental hygienist and office manager are very capable and professional, too. You exceeded every expectation that I had. You, Dr. Hammoui, Karmen, Mervelin, Ron, Liz, and Jamie make an excellent team!

Thanks again!

Derek B.

JB: Great Confidence in Staff's Ability

I appreciate the wide range of employees employed in this office. They seem highly educated . They seem to stay up-to-date on the latest in the dental world . I have great confidence in their ability. They went way out of their way to make me relax which is hard in a dental office. I had meaningful conversations and I felt welcomed.


E.O. Writes in, All the Way from Wisconsin

I just wanted to write to you after I had watched some of your videos on your YouTube channel cause I’m a mother of a 5yr old girl named E. who has horrible tooth decay and she’s about to have dental surgery on the 8th of Sept to have caps put on most of her teeth and I wish we had a Dr as talented and caring as you and your team but the options are limited since we live in Wisconsin and the only Dental work that’s been offered is this so I wish there was more Drs like you around to take advantage of for my daughter and for other families that are stuck with the minimum care for their kids. I just really want to say thank you for all you do for your patients and their families, you can really tell that you are amazing even though you aren’t my kids dentist I truly believe that every person who you help is very lucky and blessed to have you help them!! I really wish we lived close enough to your practice to be able to have you work with my children, please keep up the videos and all the great work you do, thank you to you and your staff you are all Amazing and truly making a big difference in this world!!

Catherine S. - Amazed at Quick Recovery

We are so grateful to have found you and your wonderful team, Dr. Sarkissian. After our daughter’s recent procedure (sedation and extensive dental work including 2 extractions) we were really amazed at how quickly she recovered; the T-Relief homeopathic tablets given to her immediately following the surgery literally eliminated ALL pain, she never once complained about pain or discomfort of any kind – as a matter of fact she was asking to ride her bike and play with her friends just a couple of hours after the procedure. And in my view, the true testament is that after undergoing two of these surgeries here with you she has never been afraid to return and is always happy to visit Dr. Sarkissian!

Olivia M. - Overcoming Lifelong Fear

Let me start by saying I have had a lifelong fear of dentistry, a fear so strong that I avoided check ups and dental work for a decade. After trying and leaving several other dentists dismayed and fearful, I found Dr. Sarkissian’s office. Much to my amazement, I felt relaxed, at ease, and confident in the care I was receiving. I didn’t dread treatments, on the contrary, I look forward to my visits. From Melinda and Ebby at the front desk to Nar and Karmen in the treatment rooms, everyone is positive, intelligent, and supportive of the patients’ best interest. Dr. Sarkissian’s honest calm confidence is a treasure in a dentist. I was never in pain, nor did I doubt the harmlessness of the care I received. I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Sarkissian and his team for myself and my family.

Gina C. - for her toddler

Dr Sarkisian did my son’s frenectomy at 18 mos. He was speech delayed and he was making more sounds the very same day! The healing was really fast and my son never seemed to be in pain. I just gave him arnica 2x daily, that was it. Beyond happy with Dr. Sarkisian’s work. 🙂

Peter W. - Father of Sasha (5 years old)...

My daughter has had such good experiences here that she actually looks forward to going to the dentist. Now when she tells us that her tooth hurts, I actually question if her tooth really hurts, or if she just wants to earn a trip to the “treasure chest”!

Thanks for making a dentist visit more than comfortable.

Erin B. - 8 years old...

Dear Dr.Sarkissian i’m so happy that i feel better and it’s all thanks to you and from now on i will take good care of my teeth and i can’t wait till i visit you again but not because i’m not brushing my teeth and i love the way my teeth feel and i’m so so happy that my teeth are better.

from your patient,
Erin B.
March 2009

Seta Haig...

About 2 years ago my daughter Annie (then 7 years old) snored during the nights and could not breathe comfortably. Her pediatrician claimed that she had allergies and gave her a spray to use regularly. Things did not improve much until our first visit with Dr Sarkissian. After a thorough exam, Dr Sarkissian decided that Annie needed a retainer (orthopedic appliance) to adjust her jaw. He was also concerned that Annie’s breathing difficulties most likely contributed to her jaw problem, and it might also make it difficult for her to wear the appliance, so he recommended that Annie be seen by an ENT specialist.

As Dr Sarkissian had suspected, Annie needed to have her adenoids and tonsils removed right away. After the surgery Annie’s breathing improved 100% and the only regret we had was that she had not had this surgery sooner. After Annie recovered from the surgery, Dr Sarkissian started Annie’s orthodontic treatment and it has been smooth sailing ever since…

Seta Haig,
February 2008

Cynthia B. from Alta Loma...

When I was 15 years old, I got my braces off. After taking the braces off, I had seven cavities. They were all filled with silver amalgams. About a month later, I got acne for the first time. I also started grinding my teeth at night. I didn’t know there could be an association between the fillings and my new problems.

Twelve years later (at 27 yrs old), I started researching the health effects of the mercury in my silver amalgams. The research is pretty much unanimous (except “expert opinions” from the A.D.A.) I was experiencing common symptoms such as anxiety, asthma, teeth grinding, etc. So I made an appointment to start getting my fillings switched out. I made sure to find a dentist who knew the health risks of inserting mercury in my body. At my first appointment, Dr. Sarkissian told me, “I am not putting any materials into your mouth until we find out what is ok for your body.” This was very encouraging.

Four months later, all my fillings had been switched to Cynthia-safe ceramic. I noticed instant benefits. I noticed that when each side of my mouth was cleared of mercury, that side would stop clenching at night. My twelve year old acne (that no dermatologist could not get rid of) immediately and completely cleared up. I haven’t had an asthma or anxiety attack and I feel all-around more relaxed.

I was amazed by the instant health benefits and I am really excited for the long-term health benefits.

Cynthia B.
Alta Loma, California

Lisa (Eli's mother) from Altadena...

My son started seeing Dr. Sarkissian for orthopedic appliance therapy before his seventh birthday. He was a mouth breather, snorer, & bed wetter. Within five months of treatment it all went away. He is now turning eight and I can see the difference in his facial profile. His upper teeth even have gaps of space, where before they were crowded together. I highly recommend early orthopedic/orthodontic treatment for children.

Lisa, mother of Eli
Altadena, California

Gustavo X. Reyes...

Esther Stone...

Marie L. from San Marino...

I have always had a fear of going to the dentist. I know over the years being hurt from various dentists when having cavities filled. I’ve even had a dentist tell me I had 9 cavities and not feeling comfortable with that information, I went to another dentist to find out that actually, I had none. This after allowing the crooked dentist to drill 3 of my teeth and use amalgam to fill them!

How lucky and fortunate to have found Dr. Sarkissian, finally a wonderful, skilled, gentle, meticulous professional. I just discovered I have mercury poisoning, I’ve been so nervous to have the old amalgam fillings replaced. Dr. Sarkissian and his wonderful staff immediately put my fears to rest, it was such a soothing and relaxed experience. I’ve never had a cavity filled where I didn’t even feel the shot of Novocain sting. Afterwards I didn’t have the numbness in my face as I always did before and no pain in my jaw or teeth! I highly recommend Dr. Sarkissian to everyone; he’s knowledgeable and caring and uses natural medicines and remedies in his practice. Also Dr. Sarkissian has also done a wonderful job straightening my son’s teeth naturally, without using braces! I can hardly believe it, finally, I love going to the dentist and my son does too.

San Marino, California

Simone (Jana's mother) from Santa Monica...

Our daughter Jana, 8, was grinding her teeth heavily at night for about 2 years. There was no emotional stress or anxiety that might have caused it. Dr. Sarkissian examined Jana thoroughly and found that her mouth was a little small and Jana’s tongue did not have enough space and was blocking her airway and caused the grinding. Dr. Sarkissian suggested building up on two of Jana’s baby teeth to make more space for her tongue. After a few days of adjustment to her “new teeth”, Jana doesn’t even mention it anymore. Her grinding at night has stopped entirely after the treatment. We’re grateful to Dr. Sarkissian for seeing in his sensible way what needed to be done to help our daughter.

Simone, mother of Jana
Santa Monica, California

Dr. Sarkissian's Son...

Maria R. from Glendale...

We have been so pleased with the results of our daughter’s retainer. At the dental appointment of my older daughter, Dr. Sarkissian noticed a pronounced narrow arch in my younger daughter’s mouth. After only one month with the appliance, she is having more dry nights (nighttime bedwetting was chronic, even though she has been potty-trained at age 2 and is now 7 1/2), her pronounced bad morning breath is no longer noticeable, and her frequent nasal congestion in the morning has also largely disappeared. We are pleased and looking forward to even more progress as the treatment progresses. Two articles I have recently read in alternative medicine journals have noted a similiar correlation of symptoms with a narrow arch and a reversal upon treatment.

We owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Sarkissian and his warm and caring staff!

Gunter Z. from Sunland...

When we discovered some black spots on our little son’s teeth it became time to find a children’s dentist. We first went to a dentist that was recommended to us. After a short interview we left in horror. There was no consideration that numbing a four year old child for each and every little procedure could be in any way harmful and using amalgam was considered standard operating procedure.
“We now had to do our own research and were so lucky to find Dr. Sarkissian not far away from our home. Since then our son had a few treatments, has no hesitation to go to ‘his dentist’ and does not really want to leave at the end of the treatment but continue watching a cartoon on the monitor mounted on the treatment chair.

“Video during treatment is such a neat idea. I recommend Dr. Sarkissian to all the parents in our son’s pre-school, and – obviously – the rest of the family is seeing Dr. Sarkissian too. I hate shots – and I did not need any, all treatment has been painless. Thanks!

Sally from Santa Fe, New Mexico...

After 12 years, 5 dentists and rounds of extensive dentistry, I am fortunate to have finally found the dentist who is restoring & rejuvenating my teeth, mouth, and total well being.

Dr Sarkissian and staff truly personify “care” at the highest level, from the first phone call to the “final treatment”.

Thank You!!!
Sante Fe, New Mexico

Julie from Thousand Oaks, California...

I’ve been a happy, loyal, and grateful patient of Dr. Sarkissian since 2001.

He’s solved my TMJ problems and I remain pain-free and totally functional.

Julie A., Thousand Oaks

Annie from Glendal, California...

I have been coming to Dr. Sarkissian for over five years. I am finally not afraid of going to the dentist thanks to him. I have never felt any pain in all the years I have been going. My teeth look great.

Dr. Sarkissian is the best!

Annie H.

Argina K., California...

Dr. Sarkissian’s dental office and services exceed all my expectations.

From hardly any waiting time to the excellent personal care and attention that I receive, I believe he is one of the best dentists around.

I especially like the spa treatments that I get during my treatments. I think his holistic dental approach and “do no harm” policy is exactly the type of dental care people need these days.

I highly recommend Dr. Sarkissian for all your dental needs.


Sherry, W. Los Angeles...

I always feel well taken care of and respected when I come to Dr. Sarkissian’s office. I am treated well, and the restorative work done on my teeth is extraordinary.

I am deeply grateful and appreciative.

I would highly recommend coming to see Dr. Sarkissian for any dental issues you may have.

Rhoquel H. ...

I feel excited and hopeful each time I visit. With each visit I’m closer to the healthy and happy smile I’ve missed for years! I only had 1 other dentist my whole life so I can’t really compare but when shopping around for treatments/dentists I noticed a more helpful, hopeful attitude from the Dr. and staff regarding my periodontal disease.

I had been told by one dentist that other than scaling and planing there wasn’t a whole lot that could be done — eventually my teeth will just fall out — that was totally unacceptable. When I came in I was in pain and almost hopeless. The doctor did a lot of research and was very patient with me. The staff has been incredibly patient and kind with me. VERY GENTLE too!

Elizabeth C., Whittier ...

I was diagnosed with TMJD and sleep apnea in January of 2009. I discovered it was due to the orthodontics treatment I received between 1977 and 1979; four perfectly good molars were removed in order to straighten out my lower crooked teeth and rid myself of an overbite.

In addition to jaw pain, I went through many years (off and on) of allergy shots. In my teens I developed allergies. I thought that my allergy symptoms were oftentimes worst at bedtime, but I know now that it was due to the effects of bad orthodontics resulting in TMJD which caused sleep apnea. Orthodontists back then did not know what they know now.

The goal of my existing and ongoing treatments is to reverse the bad orthodontics of my teenhood and get back the expansion of my jawline so that my temporal mandibular joints don’t rub together while doing normal things like sleeping, eating, talking, and simply breathing. When a person’s jawline is out of alignment like mine, breathing with my mouth closed was difficult because there is not enough room to inhale a full breathe of air before exhaling.

I used to sing soprano in my school’s chorus before I had braces. After beginning orthodontics treatment through its completion during my teens, I could no longer sing a decent note, and I missed singing harmony with my little sister. Since undergoing TMJD/orthodontics treatments with Dr. Sarkissian and as my jawline shifts to a better position, I no longer have jaw pain, I sleep better, my singing has improved, and I know everything will get better when my treatment is complete.

My best friend and her husband had orthodontists that pulled out four of each of their perfectly good teeth prior to getting braces as well. They were told that they need to undergo the same treatment and procedures I’m going through if they want a permanent solution to their problems.

If you grew up during the baby-boomer generation and had braces back then, and if you snore, suffer from insomnia and experience almost falling asleep at the wheel, you might want to explore the cause. You might be suffering from sleep apnea caused by TMJD due to bad orthodontics practices of the past.

Laura Morton ...

I came to Dr. Sarkissian to have an old mercury filling removed that was breaking down causing mercury toxicity. Other than that my teeth were in good condition.

He skillfully removed the problem filling and replaced it with a composite one. I was very relieved. I am not an easy patient. Petrified since a child of going to the dentist, each visit over the years has been one of great anxiety. What impressed me from the first visit was the state of the art machinery. The oral cameras that show ME the problems or condition of my teeth were awesome. I had never seen the inside of my mouth like that.

And the way they use those images to monitor the teeth and compare from visit to visit. Since then I have returned regularly for checkups and cleanings (which also freak me out) to Dr. Sarkissians office and I can actually say that I almost look forward to the visits.

No joking.

The concept of preventative dentistry is soothing and makes a lot of sense to me. As I get older and braver I realize that taking a preventative approach and dealing quickly with small decay or problem areas is an investment against a more complex and costly (and more time in the chair) dental appointments.

I appreciate that I have a dedicated and concerned dentist.

(Laura is a landscaping artist and you shoukd check out the most beautiful gardens she creates!)

Louretta W., Santa Monica ...

I’ve been a patient with Dr Sarkassian for many years. I was referred by another medical practitioner that guaranteed “this doctor is holistic”. And so he is…Dr Sarkassian is detailed- oriented with every aspect of his work, and has the gift of artistry so you know your teeth will look great.

After major dental work I feared he’d insist I use an antibiotic, To my delight he recommend a product filled with herbs and tinctures known for their anti-biotic-like properties. He has surrounded himself with assistants who are knowledgeable (and continue to gain knowledge from working with the doctor); friendly, caring and truly enjoyable.

His hygentist is talented, highly skilled, devoted to her work, and absolutely gorgeous.

So much more can be said, but I think one has to have the experience and then you’ll know it all.

Nicole B., Pasadena, CA ...

(It is particularly gratifying when we find great testimonials about our office out there on the internet – this first one on Facebook…)

Well, it may have taken me over 40 years, but I have found the PERFECT dentist for my family…

I actually cried tears of joys after my 1st appointment today knowing that I am in the safe & capable hands of Dr. Sarkissian and his staff! You folks are AMAZING!!! I am mostly thankful that my son can look forward to a lifetime of good (and SAFE) dental care. Thank you soooooo much folks!!!! I look forward to seeing all of you again soon (gulp! did i just say i look forward to it?!?! THAT is a first!) 🙂

(and this one on Yelp…)

SO VERY HAPPY!!!!! It took 44 years, but I have finally found a dentist that I am completely comfortable with!!! The entire office staff is wonderful, patient and kind. This guy is a GEM and truly HOLISTIC: he looks at the whole picture and cares about your overall health PLUS he does not believe in using poisons (i.e. fluoride!), and is mercury-free, uses Waterlase, etc.

The office is so welcoming, that even my 3-yr-old (who wants nothing to do with any doctor/dentist) asked if he could go first and is looking forward to his 1st appointment. They let him “help” and watch right from my lap! I am looking forward to healing my (horrible) mouth AND to my son’s future of having the PERFECT dentist from the start!!!

I cannot say enough about this practice… I highly recommend them!!!

Ross H., Los Angeles, CA ...

Yelp was not working when I tried to sign up, so I will submit this here: I recently had a tooth emergency (cracked molar) and have long been concerned with all the metal in my mouth (several cavities from the 1990s). I was referred to Dr. Sarkissian by a very trusted health practitioner as a good dentist and one who knows how to handle taking out old metal (i.e., mercury) fillings and who replaces it with what I would consider safer materials. My family and I are very concerned about avoiding exposure to toxic materials, so finding a dentist along the same lines was important.

Very impressed by Dr. Sarkissian and his office. He is now my family dentist, as my wife and two young sons also call him their dentist. Not only is he a highly skilled and professional adult dentist, not only is he unique in that he is committed to practicing non-toxic and holisitic dentistry, he is excellent with kids. My kids have no fears or anxiety with seeing the dentist.

For the cracked molar issue, his office fit me in on very short notice, gave me very good treatment for this emergency issue, and also gave me a thorough inspection and explained the potential future work I should consider and WHY, when, and in what order these issues should be addressed–as well as with a cost range breakdown. His consideration and thoroughness were very much appreciated.

It’s difficult finding the right health professionals, so I was very glad to have been referred to Dr. Sarkissian.

The office is very easy to get to also–right off the freeway and with a parking lot. I hope he has a safe place to lock my bike for future visits.

Jim L. on a visit to LA ...

We are not patients of Dr. Sarkissian’s but when my wife got an abscessed tooth and her cheek swelled up, we found his website to be the most informative.

It is very comprehensive in presenting who he is and what he does, and very helpful in terms of information & education. I appreciate how specific he is on the website with such things as spelling out the exact things to take in dealing with an abscess – not just telling people to take homeopathic remedies but saying which ones to take, and not just saying to take remedies that have a natural antibiotic effect but actually listing them.

I sent him an email and, even though I am not a patient, he responded quickly and gave me the direction we needed.

Thank you Dr. Sarkissian!

Ben B., Topanga, CA ...

I have been a patient of Dr Sarkissian’s for 4 years and I highly recommend this office.

I like the staff, the hygenists, the “healthy, alternative, non-sterile feel” of the place, and of course Dr. S as well.

Even though I moved far away (Topanga), I still make the drive every few months, it’s worth it!

Topanga, CA

Adetayo W., Pasadena, CA ...

In 1994, I was diagnosed with metallic poisoning due to the mercury fillings in my teeth.

I had six fillings replaced with porcelain, unfortunately, by another dentist. I had dull pain in one of my molars which flared up when I chewed. After having the other dentist replace the porcelain filling with a gold filling, he put a gold crown on the tooth because I continued to have pain in the tooth. I stopped going to that dentist.

The problem went on for many years and I decided to live with the pain because I felt hopeless. About a decade later, my nutritionist referred me to Dr. Sarkissian. I was hesitant about going to another dentist. However, from the initial consultation, he was friendly, concerned and answered all my questions.

When Dr. Sarkissian removed the tooth, he gave me my choice of music to hear after I took some homeopathic remedies to help me stay calm. He was gentle and very patient during the process. The next day, which was a Saturday, he called me at home to see how I was doing.

Through the years, I have told many people of how wonderful Dr. Sarkissian was to me during my visits to him. I recommend him highly.

Marticela E. - Burbank, CA ...

I bring my 7yr. old daughter Chrystal Reyes with Dr. Sarkissian for her cleanings, fillings, and sealants.

She enjoys playing in their little play area while she waits to be called. The dental assistans always make her feel relaxed and at home. They even let her watch cartoons in the room. She Loves coming here.

Dr. Sarkissian does a great job with with all her dental needs. He is very gentle and my daughter always leaves with a smile, stickers, and a little toy. (:

I’m sooo glad I found such a great dentist, he and his staff are wonderful!!! (:

Janet A. ...

I have been very happy with Dr. Sarkissian. He was recommended from Feline Butcher, a nutritionist.
He has a holistic dental approach, he is very thorough, and promotes preventive health.
I come from out of town a few hours’ drive to see Dr. Sarkissian.
Before I become a patient of his I had tried a number of dentists and were not happy with them.
Dr. Sarkissian is an outstanding dentist.
Also the staff treats me well. The dental assistants are also good.
I particular like having Karmen as the dental assistant.
I feel like I can trust Dr. Sarkissian for the best dental work possible.
Janet A.

Agatha ...

Your “smile reminder” just sent me a birthday greeting. Thank you very much. I thought of you this morning, believe it or not, as I flossed.

I thought of what a good job you have done for me over all the years. I thought I would take a moment to thank you.

Thank you.

Kim - Manhattan Beach, CA ...

This guy is fantastic!

As someone who has been enduring several serious health challenges & who has not been able to have any dental work for over 5.5 years, I was absolutely terrified to go to the dentist. However, one day, I saw Dr. Sarkissian’s ad & a gut instinct told me that he is the one to go to.

I kept the ad for over a year until I finally received the “okay” from my doctors to go to the dentist. I’m so happy that I listened to my gut because Dr. Sarkissian is absolutely wonderful (& so is his staff!). He is incredibly attentive, wise & conscientious (to say the least). Everyone working there is very friendly & sweet. He has an excellent team.

His dental hygenist is amazing & very gentle. This says a lot about his practice. The office is clean, peaceful & a very special perk is that it is equipped so that patients can choose to watch TV or a movie if they would like to, while receiving their dental treatment.

For those interested in the Laser Frenectomy, I had it done & it was totally painless. This guy is really great! It takes me over an hour & a half to drive get to his office but, it is well worth it. I feel very fortunate to have found such a special dentist who is so skilled, knowledgeable and caring.

I’m already referring people to his practice. I would have loved if someone had told me about him years ago!

Manhattan Beach, CA

C.L. Will Come All Across the US ...

Thank you for the excellent dental care I received today, including the perfect limo ride to and from your office. Although I’m moving back East, should I need future care, I plan to return to Glendale at such time specifically to see you — I simply won’t trust my dental care to anyone else!

David K. - a Minor Miracle ...

The mercury removal seems to have succeeded way beyond anyone’s expectations. My trouble with microwave/radio frequency radiation seemed to fade away about five days after the last procedure and hasn’t returned. And my problems with other kinds of EMF now also seem to be going away. It seems a minor miracle.