Cosmetic Dentistry

You are most likely aware that a beautiful smile with healthy-looking, white and proportionately shaped teeth is a precursor to self-esteem and confidence.

It not only is a trademark of health and beauty, but it also plays a significant role in our business affairs, our social lives, our sexual appeal, and our image within our family circle.

In this modern era, many possibilities exist, with a blend of artistic creativity and science, to create the dental metamorphosis that you have longed for, ranging from closing that nagging diastema, all the way to creating a new, whiter and wider smile.

The following shows a nice example of what can be accomplished with veneers to create a beautiful smile…

A wide variety of modern composites, ceramics and glass polymers are used nowadays to restore most teeth to full function. Modern bonding agents create such a strong union between these synthetic materials and tooth structure, that the need to unnecessarily grind away teeth, or to resort to unsightly metals, is eliminated.

With careful planning, even metal-free crowns and bridges can be made.

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