Gum Disease

You probably do not realize that more people suffer from gum disease than we assume. Gum disease, also called periodontitis, is probably the only condition in the mouth which has a multitude of contributing or causative factors, including heredity, insufficient oral hygiene, awkwardly spaced, missing or crowded teeth, or bruxism ( grinding, gnashing or clenching). Contributing factors can also be mental state, diet, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, side effects of many medications, hormonal fluctuations, and various systemic diseases like diabetes, coronary heart disease, etc. It may certainly be aggravated by rough fillings, crowns and bridges.

In homeopathy, oriental medicine, herbology and other modes of alternative medicine, gum disease is also recognized as a manifestation of other causative factors specific to the interpretations and theories of that modality. In biological dentistry, all these factors are respected. When it comes to treating this tenacious disease, some therapies, like deep cleaning, oral hygiene instructions, and antimicrobial rinses are the standard. Beyond these, many dentists differ in biological treatment protocols.

In our office, therapy is structured into different phases. The causative factors are thoroughly analyzed and addressed. A referral to the patient’s MD or to other holistic practitioners is considered for immune system support, constitutional therapy, or detoxification. A customized gum treatment strategy is then tailored.

Initial measures usually encompass oral hygiene instructions, thorough pocket irrigations using herbal remedies, gentle debridement, laser pocket decontamination, and Low-level laser therapy. Deep scaling and root planings are not undertaken until infection is controlled. Even then, these are carried out gently, avoiding soft tissue trauma. The laser is used at this phase at a slightly higher power setting to remove dead cells and kill bacteria. Persisting bone defects may finally be approached surgically, cleaned, lasered, and augmented by artificial bone.

We are a licensed provider of the widely acclaimed and highly successful PERIO PROTECT method of treating gum disease. It follows biological principles and we have had many greatly successful cases. To read more, please see Dr. Sarkissian’s Perio Protect Letter.