New Patient Exam

On your first visit to our office, the first order of business is to get to know each other. As we said elsewhere, you are not a set of teeth for us but a whole person and if we want to treat you correctly we need to know you.

For that we definitely take the time to listen to you and learn about your concern. You will not be ‘rushed through.’

Then we have to go beyond and find out what your body tells us. For this we do a series of test that might include x-rays (if you don’t have any recent ones from your previous dentist) and it includes a test for oral cancer as we want to make sure, everthing is OK there.

You probably guessed that there will be forms to fill out and we want you to have these before your visit, so that you can fill them out in the comfort of your own home instead of balancing a clip board on your knees, fiddling with your ID and other info we need to ask you. Ask us, and we will send you the forms you will need for your visit. The most common forms you can also find on the Forms Page of this website.