Small Arch and Enamel Hypoplasia

A narrow arch and crowding frequently manifest in the 12-year old adolescent as a displaced canine, which emerges higher up in the vestibule under the nose, or sometimes even through the palate. This particular case also had a condition called “enamel hypoplasia”, a hereditary weakness in the enamel which appears as if it has been moth-eaten. These teeth are at a higher risk of decay and look bad cosmetically.

The arch was widened with a fixed “Nitanium expander”. In some cases if the teeth are still not straight, braces can be used for a short time. In this case, however, everything came into place by itself.

The Situation is acceptable as far as the tooth alignment is concerned, however the enamel hypoplasia is getting worse.

Due to cosmetic, financial and age considerations, the best interim solution was to bond the teeth with direct composite veneers, which are hand-crafted and polished in a matter of 2 hours. Once the child turns 18, anytime after that he has a choice to replace them with more permanent and expensive porcelain veneers.

The final appearance of the teeth with a smile.