Nicole B. Pasadena, CA

(It is particularly gratifying when we find great testimonials about our office out there on the internet - this first one on Facebook...)

Well, it may have taken me over 40 years, but I have found the PERFECT dentist for my family...

I actually cried tears of joys after my 1st appointment today knowing that I am in the safe & capable hands of Dr. Sarkissian and his staff! You folks are AMAZING!!! I am mostly thankful that my son can look forward to a lifetime of good (and SAFE) dental care. Thank you soooooo much folks!!!! I look forward to seeing all of you again soon (gulp! did i just say i look forward to it?!?! THAT is a first!) :)

(and this one on Yelp...)

SO VERY HAPPY!!!!! It took 44 years, but I have finally found a dentist that I am completely comfortable with!!! The entire office staff is wonderful, patient and kind. This guy is a GEM and truly HOLISTIC: he looks at the whole picture and cares about your overall health PLUS he does not believe in using poisons (i.e. fluoride!), and is mercury-free, uses Waterlase, etc.

The office is so welcoming, that even my 3-yr-old (who wants nothing to do with any doctor/dentist) asked if he could go first and is looking forward to his 1st appointment. They let him "help" and watch right from my lap! I am looking forward to healing my (horrible) mouth AND to my son's future of having the PERFECT dentist from the start!!!

I cannot say enough about this practice... I highly recommend them!!!