Ross H. - Los Angeles, CA

Yelp was not working when I tried to sign up, so I will submit this here: I recently had a tooth emergency (cracked molar) and have long been concerned with all the metal in my mouth (several cavities from the 1990s). I was referred to Dr. Sarkissian by a very trusted health practitioner as a good dentist and one who knows how to handle taking out old metal (i.e., mercury) fillings and who replaces it with what I would consider safer materials. My family and I are very concerned about avoiding exposure to toxic materials, so finding a dentist along the same lines was important.

Very impressed by Dr. Sarkissian and his office. He is now my family dentist, as my wife and two young sons also call him their dentist. Not only is he a highly skilled and professional adult dentist, not only is he unique in that he is committed to practicing non-toxic and holisitic dentistry, he is excellent with kids. My kids have no fears or anxiety with seeing the dentist.

For the cracked molar issue, his office fit me in on very short notice, gave me very good treatment for this emergency issue, and also gave me a thorough inspection and explained the potential future work I should consider and WHY, when, and in what order these issues should be addressed--as well as with a cost range breakdown. His consideration and thoroughness were very much appreciated.

It's difficult finding the right health professionals, so I was very glad to have been referred to Dr. Sarkissian.

The office is very easy to get to also--right off the freeway and with a parking lot. I hope he has a safe place to lock my bike for future visits.