Dental Homeopathy

Homeopathy has definitely found its way into biological dentistry, and today many dentists are using varying homeopathic remedies for various purposes. The ailments of the mouth, including the teeth, are in essence small-scale versions of other bodily malfunctions, and sometimes even one of their many manifestations.

It is therefore understandable, especially in light of the heavy emotional aspects of dental diseases and their treatments, that homoeopathy would be a valuable method of supportive therapy.

The modern concept of biological therapy may include classical homoeopathy, complex homoeopathy, isopathy, homotoxicology, auto-sanguis therapy, Sanum (Enderlein) therapy, nosodes, etc.

Many of these have their origins in Germany, where homoeopathy is well integrated into and tolerated by mainstream medicine.

Homoeopathy can be used in dentistry for anxiety, pain, sensitivity after fillings, infections and abscesses, gum disease, before and after surgeries, dental trauma, ulcers, etc.

Constitutional treatment by a professional homoeopath will also use deeper acting remedies to treat chronic disease, strengthen an individual’s general health, emotional makeup and immune system.

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